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The Golf Course – The Grand Golf Club

The Grand Golf Club at Fairmont Grand Del Mar is one of the most prestigious courses in California. It is truly a special experience for our participants to compete with one another on a golf course of this quality. Click here for more information about the tournament venue.

Discount Practice Round With Forcaddie

We were able to get our participants a chance to get a practice round in before the tournament for 40% off. This practice round includes a forcaddie in your group that will ride along, helping you with course management, reading the greens, and will offer pro golf tips to help you prepare for the big day. Add on a practice round with a forcaddie  right here on our site in the checkout. Please be sure to tip your caddie.

A Forecaddie Will Be In Each Group On The Day Of The Tournament

On the day of the golf tournament, each group (2 plaintiff attorneys and 2 defense attorneys) will have a forecaddie assigned to the group. The forecaddie will offer unbiased tips and course information for the competitors. He will also aide in searching for golf balls and assessing drop areas for penalties. The presence of a forecaddie for each group the day of the tournament is truly a unique addition at the Grand Del Mar, and is unrivaled from the standard golf tournament. Please be sure to tip the forecaddie, and especially generous if you happen to be victorious!

An Invitation to The Pairings Mixer

Because it is important for you to know who you are playing against, and which law firm they are from, we have decided to make an entire event out of it. Participants in the tournament and their significant others will be invited to attend the Attorneys Open welcome mixer, Friday, March 4th, where we will announce the official tournament pairings, the honorary team captains (voted on by your peers), and encourage a little bit of friendly banter amongst the two teams.  The official venue for the mixer will be announced in the days to come.

An Excellent Awards Dinner at the Clubhouse Grill, Grand Del Mar

Following the tournament, the awards banquet will be held at the Clubhouse Grill overlooking the 18th hole green. Participants are welcome to bring their spouses to attend. We will deliver the trophies to the winning party and will be holding a few special activities including a raffle and individual awards to honor the best of the best and the worst of the worst of the tournament.

Make The Tournament a Weekend Stay-Cation

Get your discounted golf practice round in, and Stay at the Grand Del Mar the night before so your are rested for the big event. Make it a weekend getaway with your significant other, or even your law firm. We have special packages to offer our participants. Let us make this as great of an experience as possible.